Need an appointment? No problem!

Send a quick email with your preferred date, time, and contact info and we will get you in as quickly as possible.


41 thoughts on “Appointments

  1. Hi. Trying to fit in my daughter and I next sat. Highlights for me and beylage? for her. I have a group on. Didn’t realize it was in Wyoming. Was going to cancel but then thought we’d make a weekend of it. Any chance we can book for next sat? Please??? 720-757-4940


  2. Hey Rebecca I was hoping to get in for a color touch up I just need my roots and a hair cut! If u have something this weekend or Monday that would be amazing!


  3. Hi Rebecca, I really hate to do this but everyone is my house has the stomach flu and I would hate to pass it on to anyone so could we reschedule? I’m so sorry, clearly this weekend was just not meant to be.


  4. Hi, I would like to make an appointment for color and haircut. Friday or Saturday will be fine. Morning will be the best time. Thank you.


  5. I have a open schedule i can do anytime before 1 on Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays & Thursdays. I can come in any time on Fridays Saturdays & Sundays.

    I am deciding between a balayage or full highlights but want your opinion. Also will be getting a hair cut.

    Thank you!


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